60 musicians for peace

An internationally known conductor, Antoine Marguier had the idea, in 2011, to use his experience to work towards a new challenge: to create the United Nations Orchestra, the best amateur orchestra in the world.

To achieve this, it was necessary to bring together high-level amateur musicians. Originating from all continents, they all pursued musical studies before moving towards different career paths. With exceptional musical guidance, a meticulous work of training and building up, the Orchestra allowed these musicians to realise their dream: to play at a professional level, while always giving their best.

In partnership with Geneva and its international community

During its 8 years of existence, the Orchestra has produced more than 50 performances of exceptional quality and can boast of having attracted some of the greatest soloists, such as Maxim Vengerov, Khatia Buniatishvili, or Camille and Julie Berthollet. The orchestra has also organised prestigious concerts, such as the Ban Ki-Moon tribute event, the Music for Peace tour in South Korea, and many concerts throughout Switzerland to celebrate its 15th anniversary as a United Nations member.

Many concerts have also been broadcast on the radio, in order to extend their public reach.

The Orchestra has become a symbol of intercultural exchange, helping to contribute to the international reputation of Geneva. Reflecting the spirit and values of the United Nations, it aimed to combine symphonic music with a humanitarian approach and help an ever-increasing and multigenerational audience discover the masterpieces of classical music.