Pocket Concerts

Throughout the year
All over Geneva

In addition to its symphonic activities, the Orchestre des Nations is reorganizing itself into small ensembles made up of its own musicians in order to better bring music out of concert halls and into contact with the greatest number of people.

The Orchestre des Nations offers the “Pocket Concerts” series to the entire population in order to bring classical music to places where it is less likely to be found, such as art galleries, associations, cafés, or even in the homes of local residents. The chamber music ensembles of the Orchestre des Nations go out to meet audiences and communities to offer them timeless musical moments.

Do you have a venue that can accommodate up to 5 musicians and a few spectators? Would you like to offer people a break in their daily lives with classical music masterpieces in a welcoming environment? With a short format and for a symbolic price, the Orchestre des Nations would be delighted to offer you a “Pocket Concert”!

Contact us: info@orchestredesnations.com | +41 77 498 76 64