Stratus ma non troppo

Tuesday, 7.15 pm – Genève, Floky la loutre
December 5th 2023, January 16th, February 27th, March 26th 2024

Musical Afterworks while waiting for the end of winter

Whether you’re weighed down by the low-hanging clouds in the plains, a hibernation enthusiast, or somewhere in between, the Orchestre des Nations offers to accompany you until the arrival of spring.

On the agenda: four episodes of approachable music, in a chamber ensemble setting, in a relaxed evening atmosphere.

It’s up to you to settle in, order your favorite pick-me-up, and if you feel like it, extend the evening.

Tue. December 5th 2023, 7.15 pm

Stratus #1 – Pioggia autunnale

Bartok, Danzi, Dvorak

F. Danzi – Quintette à vent op.56 n.2 – 1er mouvement
B. Bartok – Duos Op. 98 – extraits
A. Dvorak – Quatuor américain – arr. David Walter

Violon duo:
Yi-Hsin Jen and Xavier Mettan
ODN Wood wind Quintet: 
Mariana Cossermelli, flute
Aurore Chauleur, oboe
Antoine Marguier, clarinet
Diego Barrientos, bassoon
Mario Ortega, horn

Tue. January 16th 2023, 7.15 pm

Stratus #2 – Stratus deprimente

Arnold, Bach, Jolivet

M. Arnold – Quatuor pour hautbois
J. S. Bach – Variations Goldberg, version trio à cordes – extraits
A. Jolivet – Pastorale de noël

Quatuor pour hautbois :
Aurore Chauleur, hautbois
Hadrien Dami, violon
François Kurz, alto
Agathe Vauquier, violoncelle

Trio à cordes :
Mio Takaguchi, violon
François Kurz, alto
Augustin Baas, violoncelle

Trio latin :
Mariana Cossermelli, flûte
Diego Barrientos, basson
Carlota Bulgarelli, harpe

Tue. February 27th 2023, 7.15 pm

Stratus #3 – Ribellione invernale

Brahms, Mozart, Ravel

J. Brahms – Sextuor n°1, 1er mouvement
W. A. Mozart – Quatuor Dissonances, extraits
M. Ravel – Introduction et Allegro, extraits

Sextuor :
Mio Takaguchi et Hadrien Dami, violons
Léopold Coupet et François Kurz, altos
Agathe Vauquier et Yordana Savova, violoncelles

Quatuor à cordes :
Sarah Cachelin, Hadrien Dami, violons
Kevin Udrisard, alto
Pauline Mettan, violoncelle

Ensemble :
Lisa Ratajczyk, violon
Lucy Ellis, alto
Ivan Tupinier, violoncelle
Mariana Cossermelli, flûte
Audrey Tupinier, clarinette
Carlota Bulgarelli, harpe

Tue. March 26th 2023, 7.15 pm

Stratus #4 – Rinascimento con anima

Bozza, Dvorak, Mozart

E. Bozza – Suite brève
A. Dvorak – Quatuor américain – mouvements 3 et 4
W. A. Mozart – Quintette avec clarinette

Trio d’anches:
Aurore Chauleur, hautbois
Nina Zeyen, clarinette
Diego Barrientos, basson

Quatuor à cordes :
Mio Takaguchi et Marta Coelho, violons
François Kurz, alto
Jean-Pierre Sferruzza, violoncelle

Quintette Rath :
Antoine Marguier, clarinette
Edward Galantay et Lisa Ratajczyk, violons
François Kurz, alto
Augustin Baas, violoncelle

Free admission

Floky la loutre
Rue de Carouge 44 – 1205 Genève
Phone : +41 (0)22 340 04 44

ODN musicians and guests
Sarah Cachelin, Marta Coelho, Hadrien Dami, Edward Galantay, Xavier Mettan, Yi-Hsin Jen, Lisa Ratajczyk, Mio Takaguchi, violins
Léopold Coupet, Lucy Ellis, François Kurz, Kevin Udrisard, violas
Augustin Baas, Pauline Mettan, Yordana Savova, Jean-Pierre Sferruzza, Ivan Tupinier, Agathe Vauquier, cellos
Mariana Cossermelli, flute
Aurore Chauleur, oboe
Antoine Marguier, Audrey Tupinier, Nina Zeyen, clarinets
Diego Barrientos, bassoon
Mario Ortega, horn
Carlotta Bulgarelli, harp

Antoine Marguier and ODN coachs

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